Friday, October 10, 2008

He's Not One Of Us

Thank God.

The following commentary was written as a response to my viewing the Chris Matthews Hardball segment on Friday, October 10th, where Chris calmly let Pat Buchanan speak his "mind".

When Pat Buchanan says that Barack Obama is "not one of us", I say Halleluiah!

Coming from Pat Buchanan, John McCain, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party, and the whole right wing lunatic fringe, I repeat, "thank God".

Pat Buchanan says the ACLU is a "detestable organization".

Then, he brings up Michael Dukakis and Willie Horton.

Let me tell you "my friends", that is, plain and simply, race baiting.

Pat is a very competent political spokesperson for the Republican Party. He normally comes across as just a little bit angry, old, out of touch, and pushy.

I can normally listen to him with an open mind and some resemblance of respect.

That is, even still, when he tries to justify McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as a great choice.

But, as I sensed long ago (and not as long ago as Nixon, who's campaign Pat worked for) that Pat Buchanan has "at LEAST" somewhat of a racist tinge.

Wow, Buchanan "blames" the entire Obama success on the economic failure.

I, personally, tend to think that this economic meltdown is really not half of the reason that Obama is ahead.

Honestly, I think the polls would not have been much different if this economic breakdown had not occurred.

I thank God that it did BEFORE the election though, since it's one less thing that "they" will be able to blame on Obama when he is elected by an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY on Nov 4th.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Decisions Have Consequences

I was always taught that my decisions have consequences.

That is why I was so disappointed in the effect of John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.

For some reason, I expected that the American public would reject this selection, and it would be shown in the form of lower approval for McCain as the choice for President of the United States.

That is not because I don't like Sarah Palin. It is because I thought that it was a bad decision to select her as VP and the natural consequence would be that support for Obama would increase.

Much to my surprise and disappointment (and anger), I was completely wrong in the result of this selection.

Now, I'm a person who spends a lot (A LOT) of time following politics, and I personally investigate what is happening in the current political events and climate. And I will have to admit that I lean (FAR) left.

OK, still, how could this happen?

How could the election have been tipped from a major Obama lead (well deserved through hard work and focus and attention to the issues crucial to the middle class voters) before Palin, to a substantial McCain/Palin lead in the polls, seeming due only to the selection of Sarah Palin?

Really, how?

My next question was, how long would it last? It lasted longer that I thought it would.

As of today (9/18/08), and I really hope it's more due to the Palin "bubble bursting" than due to the financial disaster we are currently experiencing, it looks like Obama is retaking the lead in the polls.

Personally, I know I am responsible for MY decisions.

But, please America; think about what you have been taught to believe. I only want you to search your heart.

Who do YOU think would better serve this country?

Answer the question with your vote in November.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

THIS time, the better candidate WILL win

John McCain has lost any respect and credibility that he may have once had.

This election could have been decided on issues.

Or it could have been decided on the same ridiculous crap that is always brought up.

The democrats are weak on defense, they will raise your taxes, they want to abort your babies, and they want gays and lesbians to seduce your children.

However, McCain made too many mistakes, those same claims can only be made by a campaign that is not constantly caught in a lie, is not proven out of touch, is not seen as lead by someone too frickin' OLD to run this country (if you are too old and/or stubborn to learn how to use a computer, you are NOT qualified to be the POTUS).

He’s had it, he’s lost, and he knows it.

Let him do what he will in his feeble attempt so save face among the Republicans.

Let Obama do what he knows will prevail among Americans.

THIS time, the better candidate WILL win.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Five Reasons

On one of my favorite blogs, (see links below in My Blog List section), a poster challenged the other posters to list five positive reasons why Barack Obama should be elected in favor of John McCain.

Well, it took me all of about 1 minute for the following to come to mind:

1. He and his campaign formulated a great strategy in winning the Democratic nomination from the highly formidable, Clinton “machine”. That is all the executive experience anyone needs, and let’s please hear that in the MSM.

It was an excellently run campaign, showing brilliant strategy and the ability to adapt the campaign based on results.

Basically, the Obama campaign displayed an exceptional ability to run a "business" with highly successful results.

2. He is a natural leader; people rally around him and are motivated by him to work as a team. Not simply a "Mavrick" or "decider", he will head up an administration of people he chooses based on their potential contributions to his decision making team.

That is what is best for this country, and what has been dreadfully lacking in the Bush administration. If you take a look around at what has happened in the last eight years, it shows.

3. He has worked all his life not only to make his own and his family’s life better, but has compassion to help others too.

Yes, he was a community organizer. He did that to HELP PEOPLE who needed help.

People who ridicule and laugh at that, and try to minimize the contribution and experience of someone who would do that ought to be ashamed.

But, I guess a lack of compassion for others (not just yourself and your own family) and the inability to feel shame kind of sum up the type of person who wants to attack Obama and Democrats without any logical argument (as if there is one, ha ha!).

4. He thinks before he speaks. ‘Nuff said?

5. He is healthy and sane.

I could come up with a better numbers four and five, but those are just what came to me naturally.

Thanks, and please take the opportunity to think about it and post your own list.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The "Secret Muslim"

First was the barrage of misinformation claiming that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim (sorry, this post has to presume that it is necessarily a bad thing to be a Muslim to even make any sense).

With a name like that, he had to be, right?

That worked so well, about 10% of Americans still believe he is Muslim.

Anyhow, once it was found that Obama attended a church led by a fiery pastor who, at times, to some people, spoke offensively, there was a whole new opportunity.

So, Obama was attacked because of his "crazy" pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

His angry, black, Christian pastor.

So that put the Muslim accusation to an end once and for all (right?). Not good enough to be JUST a Christian, he's a BAD Christian because his pastor is scary. But, at least it was agreed he was not Muslim.

And now this, the "slip of the tongue", where Obama himself mentions "my Muslim faith".

He was "corrected" by his interviewer, George Stephanopoulos. But, in the context of his words, it seemed to me that Obama was speaking of the "Muslim faith" that others claimed he held.

It really doesn't matter though.

We really don't need to be "afraid" of a Muslim who hides his Muslim faith, and "masquerades" as a Christian. A "Secret Muslim" is powerless.

OK, enough joking, we really don't need to be afraid of any Muslim.

I could contend that we don't need to be afraid, but I think that would be stretching things.

I can think of some things in the next two months that I am afraid of, but that doesn't really matter either.

I'm just going to vote for the person who I think would make a good president.

I hope that enough people think like me.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Don't tell me how to vote, thank you.

This post is in response to Christians who suggest to me that it is my “duty” as a Christian to oppose Barack Obama in November.

I am, as you have described yourself, a Christian.

Please, don't suggest who I (as a Christian) should vote for.

It may be your only consideration about who to vote for by their stance on the abortion issue.

I don't know your heart, only God knows that. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there are many Christians who only care about the rights of the unborn, until they are born (then, you’re on your own).

Never mind the pointless war (yes, that’s my opinion and not the subject of this post) in Iraq, and the prospect of more in Iran (can you all sing with me to the tune of the Beach Boys “bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran”).

You, as a Christian may (and are instructed to) spread the Word of God. But, your opinions are not the voice of God.

It is my belief (again, my opinion) that it is better to use compassion than condemnation to show (not say) how God works in my life.

As far as faith and politics go, God speaks to those who listen and has made us all different (I thank Him VERY much for that!). He touches the lives of His followers in different ways.

I can only speak for myself when I say “I’m not a Christian who happens to be a Democrat; I’m a Democrat because I’m a Christian”.

However, for anyone who thinks they are going to email me or reply and “teach” me with hate, forget it, because my Teacher condemns that behavior. And as you all must know, He is only one who can rightly judge.

Finally, before anyone chooses to condemn me, please keep in mind that, as I have put my faith in God as a Christian, I already know and have confessed to God that I'm a sinner.

He tells us to go out and continue His work, just not the judging part, OK?

God Bless You All.


Forgive me, I don't know what I'm doing!

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

As you can tell, I really don't know what I'm doing, but I'm going to try anyway.

Since my friends won't discuss politics with me anymore, I guess I have to invite strangers to "argue" with me. Ha ha!

I'm going to use this blog as a vehicle to vent my frustrations, you can do what you want here.

Just remember though, I'm always right!