Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Five Reasons

On one of my favorite blogs, (see links below in My Blog List section), a poster challenged the other posters to list five positive reasons why Barack Obama should be elected in favor of John McCain.

Well, it took me all of about 1 minute for the following to come to mind:

1. He and his campaign formulated a great strategy in winning the Democratic nomination from the highly formidable, Clinton “machine”. That is all the executive experience anyone needs, and let’s please hear that in the MSM.

It was an excellently run campaign, showing brilliant strategy and the ability to adapt the campaign based on results.

Basically, the Obama campaign displayed an exceptional ability to run a "business" with highly successful results.

2. He is a natural leader; people rally around him and are motivated by him to work as a team. Not simply a "Mavrick" or "decider", he will head up an administration of people he chooses based on their potential contributions to his decision making team.

That is what is best for this country, and what has been dreadfully lacking in the Bush administration. If you take a look around at what has happened in the last eight years, it shows.

3. He has worked all his life not only to make his own and his family’s life better, but has compassion to help others too.

Yes, he was a community organizer. He did that to HELP PEOPLE who needed help.

People who ridicule and laugh at that, and try to minimize the contribution and experience of someone who would do that ought to be ashamed.

But, I guess a lack of compassion for others (not just yourself and your own family) and the inability to feel shame kind of sum up the type of person who wants to attack Obama and Democrats without any logical argument (as if there is one, ha ha!).

4. He thinks before he speaks. ‘Nuff said?

5. He is healthy and sane.

I could come up with a better numbers four and five, but those are just what came to me naturally.

Thanks, and please take the opportunity to think about it and post your own list.

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erika said...

I saw your comment on Crooks and Liars....

Yes, it was shameless. Yes, it was off topic. But I'm always willing to encourage bloggers who are interested in discussing truth and writing it so more can move beyond the mire we currently call politics. :-)